Wanderluster Dreams Zodiac Signs Cuffs

Its Sunday ! Yes I know Its Sunday and Im working. Some of my friends ask me, huh? You work on Sunday???  I said YES!!!   Why Not!!   As I work at my Home Studio so its kinda like I can work everyday,every time that I want.  Thats what I like about my job 

        So today I (still) Yes !still working on my Zodiac Sign collection ! which I’ ve been making them for 4 days already.  Making 12 pieces In a roll not that easy,as in each piece I put some small details on, star stamped, handsaw bezel, pebble sterling silver,patina painting, stone setting ect. they takes time a lot, but it worth it .I love every detail of them 😉  

Hopefully I will shoot proper photos of my latest work tomorrow.As today not a good day for photoshooting!its so cloudy and heavy rain. And  me and my girls just get back to Stone Age  for a few hours, becoz of the heavy rain, so the electricity went off.  –_-”

Please!!! No Rain Tomorrow  X

Wanderluster Dreams Zodiac Signs Cuffs blog2


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