Sunny Day

Sunny day today !! Yes !!!  Finally I can shoot my Zodiac Signs Cuffs!! 

Here are some photos of my latest work. and I will post them on Etsy soon ! Tomorrow I guess 😀

After this collection done ,I’m going to work with the Project that I have with my Artist friends! and then one more Project for some website that interesting in my work 😉   I wish I have more hour in a day  -_-”  Since I start work as a jewelry design and making I turn myself into a  vampire and  an owl mode ,   I work night time and sleep in day time. The reason That I love to work at night becoz, it so quiet and so peaceful ! I feel more creative at night time. 😀

Thank you +SKY+ For a lovely weather today 🙂

I feel so happy these day   !!!     What a life!!  😀

Wanderluster Zodiac Signs Cuffs 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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