Mango Sticky Rice Day


So Yesterday I went out and meet my artist friends at his studio! Before I get myself in a cab I brought them some fruits! Coz I know that they all will be working in the studio and wont go out and get any food  -__-”  ——> Chris is a cool nice guy who I know for a long time. but we not really hang out or meet much! as he so busy with his work and Im so busy with mine  !!  But This time we meet is all about the stuff that I never thought that we will do it together  😀  But Its great though !! Hope fully our Project that we do together will turn out really good 😉  Will see *FingerCross*

 You can check their work at —->  and

Solded Out Studio

It was good day with friends, I really enjoy spend time with them. Hopefully I will see them again when Chris come back to Bangkok as now he fly to UK and wont be back till next month.

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