Gemstone Nail Polish

Gems nail polish !!! Yes! You heard it right. Gems nail polish !

Today I got the package of what I order two days ago ! I do paint my nail sometime . And a few days ago I look up for a nail polish and I come across to one website ! They sell nail polish ! But what interested me is ! They re not just a nail polish but they also have gems in it !!

as for myself ! I do believe in gemstone power ! And I love gemstone ! As you heard the story about ancient time when people use gemstone as spiritual rituals , the belief that gemstone have special healing  power goes back centuries , every culture have it own beliefs about specific stone !   And from what I interest lead to this nail polish! they advertised that they put 98% of gems in their product ! what a good idea to carry stone instead of wearing jewelry !

So I give it a try ! I order 3 bottle of their nail polish ! Alexandite , 4 Dart and Aquamarine

-Alexandite for wealthy

-4adart  for Succedd in all the way

and Aquamarine for  wish come true .

The reason that I choose those three not just becoz I want all those to happen to my life but its because of the color tone !! they all have pretty tone of blue !!! thats why i like them !

So today I paint my nail ! I’m pipit exciting though !!! I just kinda feel like good thing gonna happen to me or not today !!! 😀 I know!!! I’m a spiritual belief sometime in someway!!  ^^

Nail Polish image

See?? The color so pretty !!!! 😀

the result today?? Awww not yet!! Will see!!


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