P5010164_2 P5010153OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P5010162_2



Two-way wearable Sterling silver seed beads dangling earrings.

2 way wearable again… ^^ These earrings are adaptable and wearable in two styles.

This is a new addition to my repertoire in jewelry creation.
Now that I have learned how to create this style of Jewelry, I’ll be creating more and more.

If you want jewelry that is easily adaptable to
your style, this is a set of earrings that allows you to go anywhere and anytime. You can wear these earrings with the beads dangling or remove the beads and go with simple elegant silver pebbles.

The details of the beads are lovely and comes in many colors for you to choose.

I hand file and hand paint patina on the silver pebble. There is small hook behind the earring that allows you to remove the fringe beads or wear them as you desire.

The earrings are quite long with the beads attached! Wear them and you will stand out in a crowd while sporting your colorful dangling Bohemian style earrings!!


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