Jewelry On

All of the Handcrafted Jewelry that I wear are all post on my Etsy store already  🙂 You can check them out !!

Last month I’m so busy making and set up my business. But it still though.. so many thing I have to do.

Sometime I feel like I have not enough time in a day. I wish I have more than 24 hours a day  -_-”

But as I can’t. Anyway I do my best everyday 🙂  But also there’s a time that I feel so lazy and just wanna relax,

do nothing, just watch movies, play with my doggies, do some gardening  😀  I think all of you have those feeling eh?

Today while Im editing my Facebook page, as I have a plan to give  a “GIVEAWAY” items for the fan that liked my page and followers that follow me on Instagram. But I still can’t figure out what Im going to GIVEAWAY yet..     -_-”    hmmm. Hope I will figure out in a day or so 😀

arrow cuffs2 Photo on 2013-05-05 at 17.17 #3 Ring post  Boho Girl


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