The day I feel Sick

Its been 2 days that  I haven’t do any work ;(   My  right arm and right chest hurt  .Every time that  I move my hand or lay down I feel like theres thousand of needle stick in my chest, especially night time when I try to sleep. But today after I took some medicine, I feel better, but still cant do hard work like hammering, or sawing  -_-”  So most of the time  I just reading, searching some info on internet, instagraming..  😛

Last Friday I went out to town to meet my friends, we have dinner together. It such a good time. Becoz its been long time since lastitme Im out , as my house is quite far from downtown. But I really love my house though. No tall building around, and every morning I will heard many different kind of bird singing. 🙂  as you can see  my old post or on my instagram—> WanderlusterDreams <—   I even have beehive on my tree fence… lol…..  yes and they still there..  work hard build their nest and collect and produce the honey!!!

Heres the photo that I took myself, ( selfie so to speak!  )  Finally I wear this Skirt… I bought it a few month ago and have no chance to wear it yet.  but I wear it, finally on last Friday—>  really love it… pretty color and print…and all the accessory that I model are all on my etsy site   You can take a look there. I got some more other pieces that I finish and post them for sell there.  After I feel better I will created some more. Becoz  now I feel so sick that I cant use my arm properly ! Theres many thing I wanna do,so many design in my head, many design that I sketch and I wanna make them… Grrrr…. But I cant!!!! ;(    Hopefully I will feel better(my arm) in a few days… I dont wanna go see doctor.. -_-”


Hope everyone have a good day!!  Stay Healthy Folks!!!  😉

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