Rainy Season in June

Hello June !!! Time pass so fast ! Cant believe It’s half of the year now !!  -_-” I feel like I haven’t do anything much.. oi….

But when I think of it.Yeah, I quite did a lot of thing and achieve some of my plan though. I come quite far than I expected. Which is Good.

Good that I can make it. Everything around me  slowly getting better.  My jewelry line getting better. I have more order and more fan based,

I  think this is a good start. Slow but sure process  🙂


Its raining everyday since last weeks. Yes its June. Rainy season here in Thailand. The grass at my yard growing up so fast.

all the flowers and trees are so green. 😀 Everyday after the rain stop I always walk out side and sit on the outdoor bench and smell(sniff)

the smell of the earth and grass..  ^^      lol… Sound weird eh?   -_-” but I dont know I just like the smell after the rain  😀  hehehe


Heres the photos that I took, wearing all the jewelry that I made  🙂  Most of them I post on my etsy shop already.

You can check them out   😉   ——>


Rings on      a4a2      a3 a5      a6 a7


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