My First Saturday Market at Aree Garden

Unny K

Finally 🙂  My first time at Aree Garden Saturday market was successfully great,I sell some of my Jewelry even not much but it was good, Great start and I think this is not my Market, Not so crowd. Most of the people that come to this place, seem like they come for restaurant and salon, something like that.  But I really like the place, I feel like I go for a picnic, so relax and nice atmosphere .  I think I may make something just for this market  🙂  A-ha— I got an Idea!!!  😉     See !! this is one good thing about selling at the market , I have  a chance to see customers, and see what people like, what kind or type of market where Im selling.

I feel so exciting because it’s my first time at the market, I was worried, am I going to sell some? or not at all??  But Luckily that I sell some  !!  That’s Great feeling though ! Great to know that some people love my work and my design. That one thing that keep me moving and going and create my work.

I know my kind of work a bit strange or weird to some people who love Blink blink stuff or shiny gold thingie, But seriously I dont wanna copy or create work like someone else or copy from somebody design.. -__-”      I think every artists feel the same, they dont copy work from other artists and they also dont want other artists to copy their work.  Every artist have their own style and talented.  So all of them should respect that.

Ok back to my first market. yes! it was good. I went there with my sister and my friend ‘Joy’.  They both help me setting the booth and help me selling  . Thank you.  😀  we start our booth  at 2 Pm and sell till 8 Pm. so approx 6 hours.  Lucky that no rain at all  🙂 after we finish our day  we went out and do some celebrate for my first sell  😀  Have some drink….Cheers!!!!.. lol….  ^^

Great experienced  🙂

I will look up some more market and try another market. but not this month! Im back to my studio

and start doing some work .I’ve got so many new idea  pop up in my head after the market day !  😀 WooHoo!!

Market 1016758_10200732520608060_656294847_n


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