Camera man


I am a camera man today 🙂

I finished some more rings yesterday

Rough Rough Rough, Pebble artist turquoise and Zen Pebble Artist.


I clean and check my gemstone stock yesterday and yeah, I’ve got too many rough gemstone that I didnt use  yet.

Every time when I design and create my work I always choose Turquoise and Lapis lazuli… -_-” I dont know why..  They both ‘Got’ me all the time. !!!  or maybe becoz they’re my favorite  gemstones and also my favorite color !!  I love Blue  😀 Blue make me feel good and peaceful. I think Blue have some kind of magic to me, I like Blue sky, blue ocean, everything that blue, so to speak!!!!  😀

sometime when I feel sad or not good, I just lay down and look up in the sky, think nothing. just breathe and relax.  I can lay down  and look up in the sky all day. Especially if I lay down with the one that I love, we do nothing. just lay down and look up in the sky, and  play guessing ”  Cloud shape guessing”  😀    Have you ever play that???  Its fun, sometime the cloud look like Dog, bear, food, mermaid etc.

If you have time, Don’t forget to play that. or at least just lay down and look in the sky 🙂 trust me. Blue sky make you feel good 🙂  Your heart and your soul will smile  ❤

Ok back to my work. ;D   so yesterday I chose to work with Rough Aquamarine and Watermelon Tourmaline,  not fancy design just a small simple stone setting… They look like easy to make  but they re not!!!.. Becoz they re pretty small. so its a bit difficult for soldering..  -_-” and they re  sterling silver. Well.. you have to be fast and careful a lot when you solder silver, if your torch too heat your work may melt in a second…

What I love about working with sterling silver is that, it so smooth, so when you hand saw you can totally see the different..

the hardest one is copper and then brass and sterling silver is the easiest one to handsaw with 😀


Hope you Enjoy !  X


image-68 photo-163

camera DSC09008



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