Wanderluster Dreams.Souls necklaces

so here are my first collection of the Handcrafted necklaces that I made 🙂

WanderLuster Dreams—>Wander.Luster.Souls Necklaces


Wanderluster Souls.
The inspiration for this collection is that, I think  we have wild thing inside all of us, curiosity, want to explore the world, want to know the thing that we dont know, —-> We’re all born to wild,<—–

Wanderluster Souls necklace describe How I feel for this feeling.
I designed and created necklaces by using symbol that we always see like Triangle
I free-mind designed them ( Free mind designing—> I just sitting and relax myself  let my mind flow and design each of them ,designed what I feel that time, free-hand designed till I feel this is it ,this is what I want it to be.

For this collection I made 4 of Wander luster souls. necklaces.One is for myself and the rest I want to share them with you. This is not just a necklace but its your souls, 😉   I will post them on my etsy shop tomorrow.    https://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderlusterDreams

I handsaw all the detail and made hammer texuring all around  and finish  them with bronze and iris blue patina 🙂



Wanderluster Dreams Souls P7100361_2



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