Wanderluster Souls Necklaces

Click the link for purchase –> https://www.etsy.com/listing/156520614/wander-luster-souls-necklaces?ref=pr_shopnecklaces

I handsaw all details and use a ham mer texuring all around finish with bronze and iris blue patina.  🙂
 There are 4 pieces in the Wander Luster Soul Necklace Collection
These are the 1st necklace collection that I have created for the Wanderluster Dreams Brand.
Wanderluster Soul:
The  inspiration for this collection is the wild thing inside of us all.  That part of our soul that craves to get out there and satiate our curiosity, explore the unknown world and wants to know the things that we don’t know.  It’s the animal inside of us for we are all born to be wild.
The Wanderluster Soul necklace is my physical manifestation of this restless spirit that resides in all of us.
  I designed and created these pieces using symbol that we see everywhere such as the triangle which is a sacred symbol across the world.  Think of the Pyramids, Freemasons, and the early Greek Philosophers.  Even Angkor Wat and the primordial heavens of Hindu belief is based upon a triangle of sorts.
 I freed the triangle from it’s traditional constraints and expanded it.  This is my “free mind” design ( free mind design — I just sit, relax myself and design each of    them as the spirits moved me to do so).  The design is how I felt in the moment.  When I feel it is enough and as it should be.  For this collection I made 4 of Wanderlust Soul necklaces. One for me…and the rest I want to share with you.   This is not just a necklace but a repository for your inner wild thing waiting to be unleashed upon the world.


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