Boho Bike

This is my old blue bicycle ! I ride her almost 3 years !! She’s pretty old though.I never really clean her much ! So I think today is the day.Yesterday I took her to bicycle shop , let them fix and repair the wheel as everytime when I ride I feel like she will fall apart .
1016143_10153037276975646_1595366733_n  bikeIt cost 600 THB (20 usd) to repair and change the inner tube and outer tube( front and back )and put new black basket on as the old one so crooked  -_-”  after all done  I took her home and take out all the sticker and clean her   😀  Wow I just notice that she has such a pretty blue though . lol. but Hey one reason that I’m not cleaning her much bcoz I want my bike look old! so no one will steal it  😀 

for this 3 years. I barely clean her or take a shower for her… -_-”  so this is it!  Today is the day !!  Im sorry for all the years that I never really take good care of you. -_-”   From now on I promise I will love you more  😉   hehehe164418_10153037277825646_159312152_n

I took my acrylic colors box out and start to paint her ! and yes as I expect! as usual!  this 2 girls –>curious and wanna know what I’m doing ,so they sit there and stare at me, watch me painting.


How y’all like me new bike??  😀

Have a great long weekend everyone  X


 969229_10153037277990646_1568153073_n 1000124_10153037277620646_119558809_n



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