Bangkok Farmers Market

It was great day at Bangkok Farmers Market ( )last Sunday at K-Village (

I feel a bit exciting though becoz its my first time at BKKFM . Hahaha  ^^  well! everything have “FIRST TIME” eh? 🙂

I didnt worry about my Jewelry or worry if Im going to make some sell or not. Becoz this is my first time at this market and I just wanna try and see if people interesting in my handcrafted jewelry or not.  so  I kinda expect nothing.

My booth is next to Pui’booth .  She selling  colorful tree pots .(Bio Pot-Eco-friendly products) She is really nice girl. We talk a lot and she also gave me many advice about Market and event. she has been designed and selling tree pot and other stuff for Gardening for almost 3  years.      so this is one good thing that I like about this market 🙂 I have a chance to meet people who have the same tasted same passion about eco-product, handcrafted,and organic lover!

I have my sister and my friends come help me at the market. and I also met many of my Facebook friends and my fan page friends  in person !  That is so cool!!!   I look forward to see them again for my next market 🙂   Thank you you guys for stop by and say Hi and also purchased some jewelry 🙂


Thank you again  BKKFM for created such a great event and market !! 🙂



If you wanna see more of Market photos please click on the link above  BkkFm’fanpage on facebook



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