Choose Your Own Path Ring


These “Choose Your Own Path” Rings are Sterling Silver ring were inspired by the quote from which I took the name for the rings. I love reading inspirational quotes and the wisdom and fables of people and civilization of old. I think quotes help me in many ways including thinking positively and how I live my life. Much like jewelry and art, even the shortest and simplest of quotes can have powerful meaning.
Thats why I created the ‘Jewelry From Quotes’ line for the Wanderluster Dreams collection.

In the design of this ring, the arrows are symbolic of the paths on which life can take us as and the many choices available at any moment in our lives. Life provides destinations, humanity has the intelligence, wit and liberty to decide where to go, when to start and which road to take to get there.

Life can throw many side roads and alleys our way but it’s up to us to continue to our desired destination.

The ring is textured to mimic the bumps and holes on the journey. Of course, I added a splash of color. What’s a life without color? It’s not always easy to follow or create your own path. There are many challenges and difficulties that we face but it’s our choice to travel these roads. Even so, we are often rewarded with the experiences and friends whom we meet at way stations along the way. So fear not! Choose a path and make it your own! 1aaaPurchase this ring —–>


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