Jewelry (Inspired) From Quotes


Always Wear Your Invisible Crown Gemstone Sterling Silver Rings are another creation inspired while surfing through quotes on the Web. I’m a quote reader. I love reading quotes and wise words from the experiences of people who have traveled down the road of life. I think quotes are helpful in many facets of life. They’re short, succinct and oftentimes get to the heart of a matter.

That’s why I created the ‘Jewelry From Quotes’ collection for Wanderluster Dreams.

All of my designs are hand created with love and devotion – hand-sawed and hand painted. The tiny crowns on these rings symbolize the invisible crown worn by every woman. We are the Queens of the Earth. Even if we aren’t recognized by all, we can still show our pride in our femininity with these tiny symbols of our feminine majesty. I added a rough gemstone to show that we are all in the process of making ourselves complete — for our significant others, for our families, for ourselves. This is our invisible crown.

We are the masters of our fate, we are strong, we are women.

I believe anything can happen if we’re willing to make it so. That’s why we are queens and deserving of our invisible crowns. 🙂



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