Gemstone BoHo Soul Bracelets

cuff braceletes Gemstone BoHo Soul Cuff Bracelets

I really love big cuff bracelets. I feel like they are a window to my soul. They’re a display of self perception and the way I wish to be perceived by the outside world. They’re a statement piece. Easy to spot. A dazzling, bejeweled splash of ostentation. Sometimes, I want to be noticed and wish to have a visually enticing aura. I slide on a giant cuff and proceed into the day or night looking for adventure.

When you wear these Boho Soul Cuff Bracelets, you’ll be noticed. People will react. I suppose they’re not for everyone but they are for the adventurous wandering person who wants to grab life by the throat and ride it to the finish.

As with all of my jewelry, these are handcrafted with love and affection. All of my designs come from the heart and soul yearning to come to life and be worn by the good people of the world.

I fall in love with every design and creation and I hope you will, too. I think you can see evidence of this from every finished piece. We strive for style and to make each piece unique.

This piece is made with Brass and copper. It is hand-sawed and detailed using hammer texturing techniques. Finally, I finished it with patina painting. The band width is adjustable and can fit up to three large stones with your choice of turquoise and/or lapis lazuli). 🙂



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