Bangkok Farmers Market


What a Great week I have at BKKFM ( Bangkok Farmers Market )  It was a tough week, but I mean in a good way.

This is my second time at BKKFM. For this month I sell for 2 days Both on Saturday and Sunday.

For this Month Im a bit exciting even its my second time for booth sale  :D.  I got my sister come to help me and yeah of course  Joy. My friend, she’s a good friend of mine, very sweet girl. she’s aways come to help me . THANK YOU JOY.

Market start from 9am-5 pm. You can get all kind of organic stuff from here, Organic vegetable, organic food, healthy food, no chemical, homemade Cake and food ! they cook it fresh for you  !!!  🙂    Even I’m at the Craft &Artisan area but I  can smell the  food and that make me hungry all the   😀

For myself I really love BKKFM  , I feel like its not just a market where you get  and sell your stuff, But I feel like this is one good community that we want people care more about their health and help their own community, help locally product etc .    This market gave me a really great experience 🙂  Meet new friends, new people, even with the customers. I was so surprise that many people love my handcrafted jewelry 🙂  Im Happy, even some of them not buy any but just the conversation with them, talk like friends. Thats GREAT  😀  I really Love it  😀

From now on for sure that I will be at this Market  😀 So watch me there  😀

Stay healthy !



Photo Credit : For the Photo that i put in here its mix between my own Photo (iPhone) and from K-Village and Mr.Richard Barrow   THANK YOU

1174619_10152171491749517_1467190560_n image-89 1174666_10152174053484517_2069811250_nBkkFM 1185900_10152171491754517_1339782373_n1209117_10152171566584517_893887520_n 1229843_713963771950826_92899470_n1229914_713962235284313_580157050_n 1230040_10152174053479517_1108043333_n 1235934_10152174053429517_1034007113_n 1236064_10152174056449517_1778112248_n image-94 image-91 image-96 image-93 image-95 image-97 photo-176


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