Bohemian Soul Peerless Earring


Bohemian Soul Peerless Earring 🙂

Why should we always adhere to societies urgings for conformity. Throw society a curve ball. Be who you want to be. We all have to sides to ourselves. We can show this to the world.

We have two ears. Who says that both ears have to match? They don’t.

I think it’s cool to wear just two kinds of earrings and especially so if the earrings are beautiful and unique.

With this design and the stone, you’ll be stunning. You can wear it for that day when your feeling the Boho vibe, hanging out with your girls or even a night out dating your special guy. 😉

Show them who you really are! Show your own style, your own vibe. 🙂

I enjoy creating these pretty earrings. I love earrings. I think earrings are one way that we can express ourselves. Not for others but to let ourselves shine through…FOR OURSELVES. 🙂

Hope you enjoy wearing them as I do.

Check them out on my etsy store 🙂 —>

Have a Lovely day


photo-180 image-109image-107 image-110image-108 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimage-106 P8120746 photo-181 photo-182








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