Ocean Life Oh Well Oh Whale and friends

OceanLife . ”Oh Well Oh Whale and Friends”

I love the sandy beaches of Thailand and the deep blue sea which surrounds Thailand. I love these places even though I can’t swim and I’m so small that the waves might carry me away.
Well, I can swim. I’m just not a strong swimmer. I went to “swimming school” and took lessons. They taught me how to swim freestyle and the frog kick, the butterfly stroke and all of that. Yes I can do that but once I’ve stopped moving. I sink like a rock to the bottom. I can’t float. I sink and drown.

So does that count? Can I swim…really swim if I can’t float? ;D.

It’s the ocean life that is truly intriguing for me. * Seals * Whales * Dolphins * Stingrays and Manta Rays * Sharks * And the mythological creatures of the Sea. * Mermaids * Sirens * Leviathans * The Kraken! * They’re beautiful creatures. Powerful! Dangerous! Alluring!

This Oh Well, Oh Whale and Friends Collection is inspired by the tales of the sea and the experience of the ocean. The waters of our planet are teeming with life and wonder. Great crevices hold mysteries in the deep. Perhaps, the Mermaids lie in slumber in the Marianas Trench far, far out of reach of our technology. They’re there…we just can’t find them. Someday, they’ll appear…with great tales and revel us with stories from the olden days. They’ll teach us to communicate with the Dolphins and Whales. We’ll come to understand that the Shark is simply…misunderstood.

I made this collection so that you and I could always feel close to the sea. So we can forever feel the ocean breeze and hear the call of the seagull.

I hope you will enjoy these feelings and memories when you wear my creations. And on a warm Bangkok night when you’re longing for the sea, you’ll put one of my rings on your finger or my earrings in your ear, you’ll feel the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, smelt the salt in the air and remember fondly your days at the beach or sailing on the ocean. If it brings a smile to your face then I’ve done my job.

All of the rings and earrings are hand-crafted. Each piece is unique and no two the same.




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