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Pls Help us distribute our campaign

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We would like to raise enough money to help the next village school.

We usually raise around 150,000bht (5,000USD).  We would like to raise that amount for our January trip to Northern Thailand.

This will allow us to re-build a school, feed the children, rent vehicles to get out to the village and provide new clothes, school supplies and toys for the children.

The funding will go towards food and supplies.

We usually feed three meals a day for two to three villages full of children for a week (300 children and their families).

We rent local vehicles from around Chiangmai for a week to carry us and the supplies out to the village.

We purchase a years worth of school supplies and deliver them to a village.  If we have more supplies than one village school will need, we take the remainder and give them out to other villages in the Hill Tribe Area.  Last year, we were able to help several schools in the area.

We purchase clothing, shoes and winter coats for the children as well.  We usually purchase clothing on the Thai-Burmese border.  We can obtain mass amounts of clothing from this area fairly cheaply.  We donate all of this clothing to the children and in some cases to the local adults.  On the border, we purchase “lots” full of children’s clothing.  However, one never knows what will be in the mix.  Any adult clothing that we obtain, we hand out at the village.

Last year, we had enough left over clothing to pass out to several villages along our route.

We also hope to raise enough funds to employ a full time teacher and teaching assistant for this village for a year.

We will use all funds raised to help these children.

I am donating all supplies and materials for the perks as the first donation.

The perks for this handmade Jewelry from Wanderluster Dreams on

I have made a few special project related items for donation perks — two bracelets (500USD) and one neckband (1,000USD).

The Impact

We aim to help those less fortunate than us.  Some of the folks who join us are barely able to do so.  They volunteer their time as they earn about 15 to 25,000bht (500 to 800USD) per month.  Others contribute funds or supplies for us to use or give to the village and school.

Most of Northern Thailand is rural and poverty stricken.  These children are malnourished, barely clothed and make due with the barest of learning facilities.  Most schools do not have a full time teacher.  These children are behind the global power curve.

We aim to catch them up.  It may be a small step each time.  However, each time we travel to a village, we expose them to the world beyond their vision, beyond their knowledge.  We open the the way for imagination, new vision and new possibilities.  We hope to help them to eventually help themselves by sharing with them love, fidelity and a vista on the world to which they may otherwise never be exposed.

To illustrate, my boyfriend traveled with us on one trip thus far.  He was the only non-Thai person and the only non-Thai person whom most folks in this non-tourist area had experienced.  They were fascinated by the differences between themselves and him.  We used his presence to help teach about and explain the greater world.  Most of these children will never leave their tribal areas much less Northern Thailand.  However, we wish to show them that there are possibilities extant everywhere.

In the meantime, we can help feed them.  We can help clothe them.  We can show them love.  We can open their minds to the world.

We hope you will find a way to help us do so.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize that not everyone has the disposable income to help financially.  That’s not a problem.  If you can send clothing, school supplies (pens, pencils, magic markers, note books, etc), we can use it to help these children.  If you have old English language primers, we’ll take them.  Anything that you think will help fill a void in these beautiful children’s lives, we can get to them.

We appreciate and will share every form of assistance that you feel you can share with us.


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