Wanderluster Dreams

wanderEverytime when I looked at my Handcrafted Jewelry that I made I feel so proud of myself ! I knew I’m not the best but every pieces that I made I MADE WITH LOVE and I fell in love with them all ! I sometime even feel like “Awww I don’t wanna sell them ! I wanna keep them all !! but it make me feel HAPPY Everytime when all my customers who bought my handcrafted jewelry feel love and appreciate the art work ! And sometime even they not buy any but we have the same style, same passion ! That make thing even GREAT too ! We had a Good long conversation! Talk like an old friends ! This year I promise to myself I will work hard for myself ,for my customer ,for you I wanna improve my skill more and more I hope 2014 will be another Great year to Wanderluster Dreams


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