Back to Black


Oh Hey! OK! Finally I am back to black. I changed my hair color yesterday back to my natural color which is BLACK. It feels so good to be Black again. Changing my hair color sometimes refreshes my emotional perspective!! Heheheh. Maybe you should try it. Try some change to yourself. Add a dash of color, change your style or something. It will make you feel better. Believe me!!!

I’ve been so busy lately because next month, we are going to move to our new location at JJ Market. I’m so excited about the move. Every day I have been designing and creating new pieces. I don’t know if they will sell or not but, you know, I’m always find joy in creating them. It has been 4 months since we started at Chatuchak Weekend Market. I know this is a short time but I have garnered a great deal of experience which I think I would never have realized staying in my home studio. I’ve always dreamed about working from home and wanted, at first, to sell only online. However, in reality, I cannot do this. Seriously, we need to get out to see people, talk to folks, learn what they like and what they want. I’ve learned a lot and grown as an artist and a person. I’ve been able to adapt new knowledge and new experiences into my work. Meeting people and dialoguing with such diverse peoples as I’ve met in the past few months has opened my world and expanded my horizons. It has been a joy and a privilege which I hope to continue with our new store at JJ Market.

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