Free People

Hello Everyone… Im back… Oh well.. I dont know where to start but just lets start with some good news!!  Now  3 designed from me  available to shop on


.Go check them out !! I can’t believe it .It’s like a dream for me !! I’m happy to see my work on FreePeople site !!!


Shop Wanderluster Dreams on

–> More info and Inquiry pls contact via
Line : wanderlusterdreams

3 designed comet ring comet rings 2 keep aiming cuff keep aiming cuff 2 wanderluster soul


7 thoughts on “Free People

  1. Greetings !
    I love the rings you have on the FP website ( I love all of your jewelry! 😉🌞 ) but I’m wondering, is there any way to be certain to receive the lapis ring instead of the torq one ? Thank you ! Take care.

      • Thank you for your reply. Actually, FP said I can only order; its, “not up to them which one I get- it’s random.” There’s no way to select which I want. That’s why I reached out to you. Any suggestions ? Thanks volumes !

  2. Not sure what Line is ? Could you send me a link please ? I’m in the USA, in Georgia. I’ve seen you on etsy, but they (those rings aren’t there). Thank you so very much !

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