The Moon The Sun “LOVE “

About the Moon and the Sun…


As you can see, one of my favorite symbols that I place in my work is The Moon and The Sun. I truly adore the love espoused in the poems that I quote about them. I’ve even got the Sun and Moon motif tattooed on my arms. ; )

Why the Moon and the Sun?  Let’s start with my own favorite aspect. I love the heavenly bodies in the sky — the Moon, Sun, Stars and the Sky itself. Everything about this Universe is magical to me. I love the mystery and inexplicable that is represented by the galaxies formed by the stars and planetary bodies that populate them. We have come so far in our study and science of astronomy, yet there is so much mystery still out there…so much yet explained. So many questions yet to ask.

There may be other worlds out there. They may even be populated by mythical creatures such as Unicorns and Mermaids. I can believe this. Not only that, I long to believe this. Perhaps, they are out there. Maybe they hide from us. They choose to reveal themselves in momentous times or times when humanity lacks but needs wonder.

I love to gaze into the sky on clear nights and imagine the unimaginable. I see a Shooting Star or a Comet and I wonder’ “What could it be? Is it always so easily explained? Why could it not be something truly wonderful gliding across the night sky?”

It is difficult to Stargaze in a big city like Bangkok where I now live. I have my memory, though. One of my best experiences that i will never forget is back in 2013 when I visited India for the first time — my backpacker adventure with the girls.  It was at night…almost 3 A.M.India time. The plane would land in and hour. I looked around the cabin and everyone seemed to be asleep. The cabin lights were off. I was wide awake and looking out my window. I always get a window seat when flying. My heart was beating so fast and my eyes grew wider and wider. I even felt like I might cry. We were above the clouds and the skies were so clear. I was so near the heavens. The closest I’d ever been. I felt as though I could reach out and touch the stars. I could converse with them and feel them. They were passing on to me their legacy and felt fortunate to be able to be so close to them out there in the night sky. Such beauty that was unimaginable to me.

As you can tell I’m a stargazer and that makes me a dreamer…

So I bring that wonder and love to the designs and creations that become The Moon and The Star. I draw upon my imagination and inspiration from the heavens  to bring them to life in Jewelry.

“Sometimes ,I think of the Sun and The Moon as lovers,Who rarely meet, alway chase, and almost always miss one another.But once in a while ,they do catch up,and they kiss,and the world stares in awe of the eclipse”

Thank you for reading this and I hope you love Wanderluster Dreams’ The Sun and The Moon !

–>Please dont forget to smile today  🙂




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