About Me

” I find inspiration in everything, everywhere I’ve been and seen and through all that I’ve faced and experienced. I think every little thing in this Universe is worthwhile, full of beauty and unique.” -Unny K.




 A Little bit about me and my work 

Hello! My name is Unny. I am the artist behind Wanderluster Dreams. All Of the Handcrafted Jewelry that are list hereon are designed from my imagination and created by my own hand. Currently, I live in Bangkok, Thailand.

I work and create my jewelry at my tiny home studio right here in Bangkok.

My style and particular flavor, as you can see from my website, is one that is fairly different from others. I love to work with varying types of materials from brass and copper to sterling and fine silver. There are other interesting materials such as pewter with which I would like to work in the future. Really…any metal that can be molded into artistic, stylized jewelry would be a joy to fashion for people to wear and enjoy.

In so far as gemstones are concerned, I adore the rough cut — sapphires, rubies, tourmaline, emeralds. These are my favorite. I find the perfection and uniqueness of the imperfection and unfinished feel of rough stones and gems brought straight out of nature to my designs and pieces. Individuality in each unfinished stone or gem leaves no two pieces of jewelry resembling the other. Nature is full of beauty and these uncut stones are perfect examples of that beauty. I also love Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise as blue is my favorite color. These two add a touch of beauty and class to any design.

As with all of my jewelry creations, I feel such energy and derive such joy from the act of bringing the illustrations of my imagination to life that I feel that I must share them with my family, friends and others. It brings me great joy when someone picks up a piece of my jewelry and chooses to wear a piece or two. I find myself energized and inspired so much so that I can’t stop the creative process. I feed off of the enjoyment of those with whom I am fortunate enough to share the creative process. When someone wears my creations, it is the ultimate compliment to me and my efforts to bring a different style and look to my customers. I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoy bringing them to life.

Thanks for stopping by . Peace and Blessings…Unny : )




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