Back to Black


Oh Hey! OK! Finally I am back to black. I changed my hair color yesterday back to my natural color which is BLACK. It feels so good to be Black again. Changing my hair color sometimes refreshes my emotional perspective!! Heheheh. Maybe you should try it. Try some change to yourself. Add a dash of color, change your style or something. It will make you feel better. Believe me!!!

I’ve been so busy lately because next month, we are going to move to our new location at JJ Market. I’m so excited about the move. Every day I have been designing and creating new pieces. I don’t know if they will sell or not but, you know, I’m always find joy in creating them. It has been 4 months since we started at Chatuchak Weekend Market. I know this is a short time but I have garnered a great deal of experience which I think I would never have realized staying in my home studio. I’ve always dreamed about working from home and wanted, at first, to sell only online. However, in reality, I cannot do this. Seriously, we need to get out to see people, talk to folks, learn what they like and what they want. I’ve learned a lot and grown as an artist and a person. I’ve been able to adapt new knowledge and new experiences into my work. Meeting people and dialoguing with such diverse peoples as I’ve met in the past few months has opened my world and expanded my horizons. It has been a joy and a privilege which I hope to continue with our new store at JJ Market.

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Hello September


Oh my gosh!!!

It’s been two months since I’ve updated my website. These two months have been insanely busy for me. I can’t believe it. Really! Two months have passed since I’ve been able to sit down and breath and bring everything together.

But! Now is a moment for reflection…decompression. It’s time to sit down and make sense of what has transpired since June when I last updated you guys on what’s going on and where we are headed.

August was so Crazy for me. I mean “CRAZY,” but in a good way. As you guys know, I’ve opened my store at Chatuchak — the weekend market. Chatuchak, also known as JJ Market, is the biggest weekend market in Thailand. Everyone who visits Thailand makes Chatuchak a must see destination. The crafts, wares and products on display there are incredible. When I roam the aisles at JJ, I’m amazed by the wealth of talent and skill on display from the artisans, craftsmen and women especially the local folks from around Thailand. The products on display come from all destinations in our proud Nation. From Chiangmai in the north to Udon and the borders of Cambodia and Laos to the people of the South, we have a tremendous amount of talent in Thailand. I feel humbled and privileged to have become a part of the artistic scene of my beloved country.

Our shop is located in Section 21 Soi 1 in JJ Market. We have a full line of clothing, jewelry and accessories available for you, our customer. We hope that you will stop by and see us. We would love to see all of you. So…if you guys are interested, pls, stop by and see us.

Be prepared, though, to stay a while. I know that when I come to JJ, I can spend hours just roaming around and taking in all of the amazing art on display. You can find everything there from beautifully hand crafted furnishing to bargain deals on clothing, shoes and everything imaginable.

If you plan on stopping by, feel free to message me on LINE. My user name is WanderlusterDreams.

I’m not at the shop every week because I have other venues where I set up shop on different weekends. Even so, we’ll be open at JJ. If you want to meet me to discuss special custom orders, make sure you LINE me. We’ll set up the details and plan for an engagement. We want to make sure that you, the customer, are always happy with us.


10410781_528152573997767_1024846708198679608_nLast month, I was rewarded with the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the “Thailand Industry Expo 2014” Fashion Show.





It was such a great experience and I felt honored to be welcomed as part of the show. The week leading up to it, I found myself so busy that I was running around like a rabbit. Back and forth between my studio, Chatuchak and the event venue. Oh, and yes, I was at Bangkok Farmers Market as well. Sometimes, I wish that I had a twin.  I wish I had 10 hands to help me keep up with all of the activities.

From this experience, I realized that I need a partner. Someone willing to help me grow and help me make this happen. Most importantly, though, someone whom I can trust and who believes in what we are doing. I admit. I am a novice in this world. Business isn’t truly my forte but I’m learning. Learning to market. Learning to network. Learning all of the minutiae of building and growing a business from the ground up. I’ve learned much but I’ve much yet to learn. One important lesson that I’ve learned is that I can’t go it alone. No one can go it entirely alone. Alone is not a recipe for success in the business world. I’m fortunate so far to have been met some great people out here as I’m learning from my mistakes and failures on my way to future successes.

Back to my fashion show and about my contributions. Our theme for the Fashion Show was “fancy and colorful animals.” My partner, Eaw, and I came up with the idea of a Princess Peacock theme. We discussed the designs for dresses and jewelry. I designed and crafted the jewelry. Eaw designed and created the Princess Peacock dress.10514504_533032810176410_1827342425817817770_n

10345582_531597826986575_4225529733131184411_n10616651_531597796986578_4652534145389055674_nThe result was so beautiful and we so loved our model . She has such a beautiful face that suited our dress, jewelry and theme perfectly. She was a perfect fit and we were so proud of what we had created and the whole crew and the whole group love our JJSERIES fashion show. This was a magnificent experience and something to build on for the future. We’ve actually got in our mind to put on another Fashion Show in the future. Hopefully, we can do it at JJ Market.

10 facts About Me

random Unny


I was tagged by my instafriends @quittingquince to do random 10 facts tag about me ! Here ya go !!

1. I’m scorpio and I love reading horoscope 

2. I love mysterious thing , magic, universe , or anything that science can’t prove yet 

3.I love to cuddling with the one that I love and feel comfy with .

4. I didn’t graduate from Art School but I love art and handcrafted stuff .

5.I love traveling

6.I just start my poledance class . My goal –>I wanna do human flag 🙂

7.My favorite color is BLUE

8.I Love my dog

9.I love Wanderluster Dreams

10. I love you :P. #10FactsAboutMe

My Life These Day ( OH I LOVE IT )


ROAR!!!!!!!     Hello   there !!!  😀

How ya guys doing ???  Im pretty busy this month, which is good,  There are so many things happen in my life past few weeks, Things that  I didn’t expect to happened, people that I didn’t expect to see or associate with. But things/time change. I ( start) to change. I can feel that for myself too.  Im changing… changing….  Not in a bad way but good way. Im still  me…Unny, —>Clumsy girl, Homie girl,  I admitted that I love to stay home and do my thing, made Jewelry, play with my doggie, reading book. spend time with myself.   But with My Dreams and my Goal. If I wanna achieve it I gotta change. yes I DID IT and —-> it WORTH it.<—

Now Im back to school.. Oh well Student life  again 😛  I’m joining the NEC course   which is so awesome. I love it. I have new friends.more networking, and know more about marketing and business which I hope I will be able to use that for my business pretty soon.. YES  —> Soon <—- 😉    Good News from Me Soon and Im  so exciting !  I cant believe that I made it, and it happen…. I was so scared that “Am I good enough?? Or Really ???  Can  I do that??  So many Question popped up in my head.

But there’s come a point that I have to DUMP all my fear and face it. 🙂  and the result was GREAT….




These are my favorite word at the moment 🙂  I gotta believe in myself. I gotta believe in my own wings…

I Hope You Do the Same 🙂  Believe in yourself ,believe in your own wings


Me wearing  #InMyUniverse Collection —> Blue Moon cat cuff bracelet !!!  and Magic charm sterling silver bracelet #Customorderavailable !    More info you can check  them out on my etsy store

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Wanderluster Dreams

wanderEverytime when I looked at my Handcrafted Jewelry that I made I feel so proud of myself ! I knew I’m not the best but every pieces that I made I MADE WITH LOVE and I fell in love with them all ! I sometime even feel like “Awww I don’t wanna sell them ! I wanna keep them all !! but it make me feel HAPPY Everytime when all my customers who bought my handcrafted jewelry feel love and appreciate the art work ! And sometime even they not buy any but we have the same style, same passion ! That make thing even GREAT too ! We had a Good long conversation! Talk like an old friends ! This year I promise to myself I will work hard for myself ,for my customer ,for you I wanna improve my skill more and more I hope 2014 will be another Great year to Wanderluster Dreams