DIY Old Cardboard Bag

No benchwork yesterday ! I Just preparing for the market this week !

–>I saw my old cardboard box so I think I should do something with it ! Don’t wanna throw it away “” ^^

! So here’s the result !! ..

diy4 diy6


DIY Ring Display

photo-166I do some drawing and painting today 😀

This is my old Artist’s hand wooden model that Dave gave me long time ago 🙂


He is my main support, He support me in everything, support me to pursued my dreams, do the thing that I Love.I never thought that I will come this far, many time that I wanna give up my dreams and go back to my previous life, work in an office, live day by day like a robot life.

Sometime I ask myself, why do I do this?? What I do this for?? Why I have to set my goal?? I may die tomorrow or today who knows !  I wanna be an artist??? Am I good enough ??  Gosh,,, Many question pop up in my mind!!  But as time goes by I start to learn and know more about what I really wanna do in my life, my main support as I mention his name, ‘Dave”, yes, and some of my friends and people that come into my life also teach me a lot .

I believe that everyone that come to our life help us grow, teach us a lesson, might be good or might be bad but that make us grow and glow. So we should be thankful to them.—>  I wanna thank you everyone who come into my life too.

” Thank You” for make me be “Unny  today 🙂

Now I pursued my dreams. Im going to make it happen. I know that I’m slow, but I think even I walk slow it is better than not walk at all.

“I walk slowlybut I never walk backward.” – Abraham Lincoln


lol.. I bla bla too much ^^   hehehe Ok back to my work today.!  so as a result!” Wanderluster Dreams TheSun&Moon”   I really like it.

Im thinking about tattoo them on my hand too ! might have to wait till my present tattoo finish.

Have a lovely Sunday


image-76 image-77 Ring display