Moon Rabbit and Shooting Star

Moon rabbitDo You believe that there is a rabbit on the Moon ???  🙂

Shooting star

Oh there’s a Shooting star!!! Make a wish! Eh??
That’s what we do when we see a shooting star. We make a wish!!!

This was a nostalgic inspired creation. As a young child in my hometown of Pathum Thani, I have no memories of skyscrapers or any other obstructions to my view of the sky and the stars. I could wander outside to the pond behind my house and stargaze all night long. I loved watching the heavens and searching for shooting stars that I might be able to have my childhood wishes granted. As I gazed in the cosmic expanse, I wished that every airplane that flew by was a shooting star.

One of my favorite memories is of the Leonid Meteor Showers. I do not recall the exact summer or fall night in which it occurred but I’ll always remember the beauty that appeared before my eyes. I stood out in the darkness and was transfixed by the multitude of heavenly bodies streaking by like rockets. Red, pink, blue “stars” sped into my line of sight and out over the horizon. It was as if the universe was launching a rainbow of luminescence for my personal amusement.

I’ll never forget that night.

I walk into each night with longing for the brilliance of that night to be repeated and, sometimes, I’m rewarded for my patient searching. These days, Pathumthani has grown into a city of 300,000. The city lights dim my view. The heavens are obscured.

That’s why I love the stars, the sky, the moon and the sun. I think the natural world that surrounds us is wonderful and amazing 🙂


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Have a Lovely Day !





ainatgram give aways

Thanks for 1000 Followers on Instagram…!! So I will put this Turquoise Arrow Cuff for GiveAway item to celebrate and thanks for the followers who Follow me on Instagrame

I will put proper photo tomorrow !! I just wanna inform you guys first !! .

I will have 3 pieces for GiveAway item. This is the first one .  GET READY!!!  Photo and rules will be posting tomorrow !!! X Unny


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Gemstone stock

Today I receive one more gemstone package that I ordered  😀  

They’re so lovely and pretty both color and shape.

So I think I should take a proper of my Gemstone stock,

incase some of you would like to do some Custom Order with specific gemstone that I have in my stock 😀

image-30 Gemstone Stockimage-31 image-32 image-33 image-34 image-36 image-37 image-38 image-39 image-40 image-41 image-42 image-43 image-44 photo-134

Sunny Day

Sunny day today !! Yes !!!  Finally I can shoot my Zodiac Signs Cuffs!! 

Here are some photos of my latest work. and I will post them on Etsy soon ! Tomorrow I guess 😀

After this collection done ,I’m going to work with the Project that I have with my Artist friends! and then one more Project for some website that interesting in my work 😉   I wish I have more hour in a day  -_-”  Since I start work as a jewelry design and making I turn myself into a  vampire and  an owl mode ,   I work night time and sleep in day time. The reason That I love to work at night becoz, it so quiet and so peaceful ! I feel more creative at night time. 😀

Thank you +SKY+ For a lovely weather today 🙂

I feel so happy these day   !!!     What a life!!  😀

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