Do Things With Love


When you do things from your soul , you feel a river moving in you , a joy. -Rumi. #‎Quote


Jewelry (Inspired) From Quotes


Always Wear Your Invisible Crown Gemstone Sterling Silver Rings are another creation inspired while surfing through quotes on the Web. I’m a quote reader. I love reading quotes and wise words from the experiences of people who have traveled down the road of life. I think quotes are helpful in many facets of life. They’re short, succinct and oftentimes get to the heart of a matter.

That’s why I created the ‘Jewelry From Quotes’ collection for Wanderluster Dreams.

All of my designs are hand created with love and devotion – hand-sawed and hand painted. The tiny crowns on these rings symbolize the invisible crown worn by every woman. We are the Queens of the Earth. Even if we aren’t recognized by all, we can still show our pride in our femininity with these tiny symbols of our feminine majesty. I added a rough gemstone to show that we are all in the process of making ourselves complete — for our significant others, for our families, for ourselves. This is our invisible crown.

We are the masters of our fate, we are strong, we are women.

I believe anything can happen if we’re willing to make it so. That’s why we are queens and deserving of our invisible crowns. 🙂


Choose Your Own Path Ring


These “Choose Your Own Path” Rings are Sterling Silver ring were inspired by the quote from which I took the name for the rings. I love reading inspirational quotes and the wisdom and fables of people and civilization of old. I think quotes help me in many ways including thinking positively and how I live my life. Much like jewelry and art, even the shortest and simplest of quotes can have powerful meaning.
Thats why I created the ‘Jewelry From Quotes’ line for the Wanderluster Dreams collection.

In the design of this ring, the arrows are symbolic of the paths on which life can take us as and the many choices available at any moment in our lives. Life provides destinations, humanity has the intelligence, wit and liberty to decide where to go, when to start and which road to take to get there.

Life can throw many side roads and alleys our way but it’s up to us to continue to our desired destination.

The ring is textured to mimic the bumps and holes on the journey. Of course, I added a splash of color. What’s a life without color? It’s not always easy to follow or create your own path. There are many challenges and difficulties that we face but it’s our choice to travel these roads. Even so, we are often rewarded with the experiences and friends whom we meet at way stations along the way. So fear not! Choose a path and make it your own! 1aaaPurchase this ring —–>

DIY Ring Display

photo-166I do some drawing and painting today 😀

This is my old Artist’s hand wooden model that Dave gave me long time ago 🙂


He is my main support, He support me in everything, support me to pursued my dreams, do the thing that I Love.I never thought that I will come this far, many time that I wanna give up my dreams and go back to my previous life, work in an office, live day by day like a robot life.

Sometime I ask myself, why do I do this?? What I do this for?? Why I have to set my goal?? I may die tomorrow or today who knows !  I wanna be an artist??? Am I good enough ??  Gosh,,, Many question pop up in my mind!!  But as time goes by I start to learn and know more about what I really wanna do in my life, my main support as I mention his name, ‘Dave”, yes, and some of my friends and people that come into my life also teach me a lot .

I believe that everyone that come to our life help us grow, teach us a lesson, might be good or might be bad but that make us grow and glow. So we should be thankful to them.—>  I wanna thank you everyone who come into my life too.

” Thank You” for make me be “Unny  today 🙂

Now I pursued my dreams. Im going to make it happen. I know that I’m slow, but I think even I walk slow it is better than not walk at all.

“I walk slowlybut I never walk backward.” – Abraham Lincoln


lol.. I bla bla too much ^^   hehehe Ok back to my work today.!  so as a result!” Wanderluster Dreams TheSun&Moon”   I really like it.

Im thinking about tattoo them on my hand too ! might have to wait till my present tattoo finish.

Have a lovely Sunday


image-76 image-77 Ring display

Inner Peace


inner voice

“Listening to My Inner Voice”

I feel so peaceful today! I can’t explain why I feel this way. But I feel it….I feel a constant inner peace in my heart and life.I know myself that I’ve been changed. I’m serious more about what I really want to do,what I want my life to be and to have.I’m totally different from who I am before… I didn’t mean it in bad way or good way. But as for myself I think Im growing up and keep growing.—->One easy word to say  ‘I LOVE MY LIFE ‘and I Love What I Have and What I Do Now.

I think  If you want something happen you have to make it happens yourself.No one can help you. All they can is support you, pursue you,push you or whatever that they can.But without your action nothing gonna happen. I think you can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you the dream you dream for . You’ve got to get out there and make it happenfor yourself.  So to speak —>YOU!  Its YOU… You re the main Character , You re the One that Going to Make thing happen…  Yes And I, Myself too. I always remind myself with those thought. and its really help motivate myself a lot….Its really work.  🙂

So,Today my  actual plan is to shoot a photo of my latest work –>

Wanderluster Dreams Zodiac Signs Cuffs I prepare myself,get ready,get all the stuff; my camera,my mac,macro lens ect. I start with shot my selfie phot0s.but as I start and got about 10 photos and its raining -_-”  Oh Well.. bangkok… Its raininy season now I guess.So its turn out that today theres no photo of my work with macro lens . All my selfie photo heres I took with my MacbookAir and edit with Afterlight App.. I kinda like the result of it 🙂 so artistic.

Hopefully No Rain tomorrow !  Eh??  *FingerCross*

“Things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle” – Abraham Lincoln

Inner Peace   3  5   photo-132