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We would like to raise enough money to help the next village school.

We usually raise around 150,000bht (5,000USD).  We would like to raise that amount for our January trip to Northern Thailand.

This will allow us to re-build a school, feed the children, rent vehicles to get out to the village and provide new clothes, school supplies and toys for the children.

The funding will go towards food and supplies.

We usually feed three meals a day for two to three villages full of children for a week (300 children and their families).

We rent local vehicles from around Chiangmai for a week to carry us and the supplies out to the village.

We purchase a years worth of school supplies and deliver them to a village.  If we have more supplies than one village school will need, we take the remainder and give them out to other villages in the Hill Tribe Area.  Last year, we were able to help several schools in the area.

We purchase clothing, shoes and winter coats for the children as well.  We usually purchase clothing on the Thai-Burmese border.  We can obtain mass amounts of clothing from this area fairly cheaply.  We donate all of this clothing to the children and in some cases to the local adults.  On the border, we purchase “lots” full of children’s clothing.  However, one never knows what will be in the mix.  Any adult clothing that we obtain, we hand out at the village.

Last year, we had enough left over clothing to pass out to several villages along our route.

We also hope to raise enough funds to employ a full time teacher and teaching assistant for this village for a year.

We will use all funds raised to help these children.

I am donating all supplies and materials for the perks as the first donation.

The perks for this handmade Jewelry from Wanderluster Dreams on

I have made a few special project related items for donation perks — two bracelets (500USD) and one neckband (1,000USD).

The Impact

We aim to help those less fortunate than us.  Some of the folks who join us are barely able to do so.  They volunteer their time as they earn about 15 to 25,000bht (500 to 800USD) per month.  Others contribute funds or supplies for us to use or give to the village and school.

Most of Northern Thailand is rural and poverty stricken.  These children are malnourished, barely clothed and make due with the barest of learning facilities.  Most schools do not have a full time teacher.  These children are behind the global power curve.

We aim to catch them up.  It may be a small step each time.  However, each time we travel to a village, we expose them to the world beyond their vision, beyond their knowledge.  We open the the way for imagination, new vision and new possibilities.  We hope to help them to eventually help themselves by sharing with them love, fidelity and a vista on the world to which they may otherwise never be exposed.

To illustrate, my boyfriend traveled with us on one trip thus far.  He was the only non-Thai person and the only non-Thai person whom most folks in this non-tourist area had experienced.  They were fascinated by the differences between themselves and him.  We used his presence to help teach about and explain the greater world.  Most of these children will never leave their tribal areas much less Northern Thailand.  However, we wish to show them that there are possibilities extant everywhere.

In the meantime, we can help feed them.  We can help clothe them.  We can show them love.  We can open their minds to the world.

We hope you will find a way to help us do so.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize that not everyone has the disposable income to help financially.  That’s not a problem.  If you can send clothing, school supplies (pens, pencils, magic markers, note books, etc), we can use it to help these children.  If you have old English language primers, we’ll take them.  Anything that you think will help fill a void in these beautiful children’s lives, we can get to them.

We appreciate and will share every form of assistance that you feel you can share with us.


Volunteer Teacher Project Part 1

Back in 2010, I resigned from my job and returned to university to pursue my dream of finishing my degree. While attending university, I thought that I could be a volunteer teacher in my spare time. I searched the internet for a volunteer teaching assignment that would suit me. My thought was that I could teach art – drawing, painting and that sort of thing.

I came across I checked them out and learned that they were a charity organization aimed at helping hill tribe children at Aomkoi District, Chiangmai Mai Province, Thailand. I liked the idea of working with hill tribe children and visiting that part of my homeland. After verifying that they were a reputable group, I expressed my interest and volunteered to lend a hand.

While introducing myself to the group on their webpage, I met Khun Bes. He’s from Northern Thailand and is fully involved in charity and volunteer work. He spends his whole year working with the group. Either raising funds or traveling to the tribal areas and working with the children and locals to implement projects of various sorts – building and rebuilding schools, setting up generators for electricity, installing teachers for various villages, etc.

He asked if I would like to join his group and journey out to the hills with them. I said “yes!” and never looked back.

That’s where’s the story begins. We maintain contact via Facebook. We design and make T-Shirt for sale to raise funds. We organize over the internet and then meet in various places in Thailand and head up north three or four times a year.

The first project that I joined, we re-furbished the classroom and library. We also installed a new outside latrine and shower. We brought medical treatment for the children. Each time we go, we feed the children three meals a day. This might be the only time of the year that these children eat this well. We collected clothing, books and toys to give to the children. We also play educational games.

All the while, we camp out in tents spending all of our time on site. We have to stay on site as it’s an 8 to 12 hour journey to each village and we stay five to six days each time.

On the first trip, we traveled to Salate School in Amkoi, Chiangmai. It was a great success. We had enough money for food and activities AND to build them two toilets. Yeah!

I still remember the day that we arrived. My friends and I arrived at the meeting point. We met the other volunteers who would make the journey with us from Bangkok to Chiangmai. We all came from different parts of the country. It was a great feeling to come together to do something good for people who were less fortunate than we. We loaded up and prepared everything for the journey and headed out for Aomkoi! However, the school was not in the central district. When we arrived in Chiangmai, we had to change vehicles. We needed 4WDs to get into the tribal areas. Amkoi is far into the hill tribe area. The roads are mostly mud trails through mountain passes and over ridgelines. Up the hills…down the hills…and back up again…until
finally we arrived 10 hours later at our destination. It was a rough ride.

It was great experience. The roads were mostly muddy or partially concrete but all around us was lush greenery — the forests and jungles of Northern Thailand. We were surrounded by nature. The air was crisp and fresh. The atmosphere was peaceful and wonderful. I was so happy that I burst into tears. I was proud to have made the journey and to be in that place doing some small part to help others. I believe that all of my friends that would join in this endeavor would have that same good and wholesome feeling. It’s a fairly serious trip up to the hill tribes. One wrong turn or a slip could send us off the side of the mountain to certain doom. You need skilled and experienced drivers. The hills are very steep. The roads are, for the most part, horrendous. When you arrive, though, it’s worth every risk and every bruised body part.

At journey’s end, I saw a tiny roof through the forest canopy. I screamed; “Yes, we’re here.” I was a little excited. We reached the school. The villagers all came out to greet us. They helped us carry all of our cargo and bags and tents and such. The children…the children…they stood around us smiling beatifically. They were happy and shy and beautiful smiles and, oh so cute. They were simply precious.

We spent the new seven nights teaching the kids, playing games with them, building outhouses and installing plumbing, feeding the children and generally having a wonderful time. It was a much more blessed experience than I had expected. I was grateful to those children in that village. They had showed me the joys of helping others. For certain, it was a challenge. It was worth every second, every dollar or baht and every bruise and piece of paint in my hair.

 To be Continued…


Bangkok Farmers Market


What a Great week I have at BKKFM ( Bangkok Farmers Market )  It was a tough week, but I mean in a good way.

This is my second time at BKKFM. For this month I sell for 2 days Both on Saturday and Sunday.

For this Month Im a bit exciting even its my second time for booth sale  :D.  I got my sister come to help me and yeah of course  Joy. My friend, she’s a good friend of mine, very sweet girl. she’s aways come to help me . THANK YOU JOY.

Market start from 9am-5 pm. You can get all kind of organic stuff from here, Organic vegetable, organic food, healthy food, no chemical, homemade Cake and food ! they cook it fresh for you  !!!  🙂    Even I’m at the Craft &Artisan area but I  can smell the  food and that make me hungry all the   😀

For myself I really love BKKFM  , I feel like its not just a market where you get  and sell your stuff, But I feel like this is one good community that we want people care more about their health and help their own community, help locally product etc .    This market gave me a really great experience 🙂  Meet new friends, new people, even with the customers. I was so surprise that many people love my handcrafted jewelry 🙂  Im Happy, even some of them not buy any but just the conversation with them, talk like friends. Thats GREAT  😀  I really Love it  😀

From now on for sure that I will be at this Market  😀 So watch me there  😀

Stay healthy !



Photo Credit : For the Photo that i put in here its mix between my own Photo (iPhone) and from K-Village and Mr.Richard Barrow   THANK YOU

1174619_10152171491749517_1467190560_n image-89 1174666_10152174053484517_2069811250_nBkkFM 1185900_10152171491754517_1339782373_n1209117_10152171566584517_893887520_n 1229843_713963771950826_92899470_n1229914_713962235284313_580157050_n 1230040_10152174053479517_1108043333_n 1235934_10152174053429517_1034007113_n 1236064_10152174056449517_1778112248_n image-94 image-91 image-96 image-93 image-95 image-97 photo-176

Bangkok Farmers Market

It was great day at Bangkok Farmers Market ( )last Sunday at K-Village (

I feel a bit exciting though becoz its my first time at BKKFM . Hahaha  ^^  well! everything have “FIRST TIME” eh? 🙂

I didnt worry about my Jewelry or worry if Im going to make some sell or not. Becoz this is my first time at this market and I just wanna try and see if people interesting in my handcrafted jewelry or not.  so  I kinda expect nothing.

My booth is next to Pui’booth .  She selling  colorful tree pots .(Bio Pot-Eco-friendly products) She is really nice girl. We talk a lot and she also gave me many advice about Market and event. she has been designed and selling tree pot and other stuff for Gardening for almost 3  years.      so this is one good thing that I like about this market 🙂 I have a chance to meet people who have the same tasted same passion about eco-product, handcrafted,and organic lover!

I have my sister and my friends come help me at the market. and I also met many of my Facebook friends and my fan page friends  in person !  That is so cool!!!   I look forward to see them again for my next market 🙂   Thank you you guys for stop by and say Hi and also purchased some jewelry 🙂


Thank you again  BKKFM for created such a great event and market !! 🙂



If you wanna see more of Market photos please click on the link above  BkkFm’fanpage on facebook


Mango Sticky Rice Day


So Yesterday I went out and meet my artist friends at his studio! Before I get myself in a cab I brought them some fruits! Coz I know that they all will be working in the studio and wont go out and get any food  -__-”  ——> Chris is a cool nice guy who I know for a long time. but we not really hang out or meet much! as he so busy with his work and Im so busy with mine  !!  But This time we meet is all about the stuff that I never thought that we will do it together  😀  But Its great though !! Hope fully our Project that we do together will turn out really good 😉  Will see *FingerCross*

 You can check their work at —->  and

Solded Out Studio

It was good day with friends, I really enjoy spend time with them. Hopefully I will see them again when Chris come back to Bangkok as now he fly to UK and wont be back till next month.

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Happy New Year

Songkran Thailand Water Festival

Songkran Thailand Water Festival

Happy Holiday Everyone ! We start our Holidays today !!! Water Fight 🙂 ..

I’m going to tell you a bit about this festival : The festival of Songkran is an old tradition in Thailand .

It’s our old New Year. During this festival People will go back to their hometown spend time with their family ,

go to temple , make merit and yes !! Water fight ! lol .. As April is the Hottest Month in Thailand !! -_-“”

so it’s feel good to get wet and have fun :). Tons of tourist come to Thailand to join this festival !

Have you ever come to Thailand during Songkran?? If so I know You love it very much ! Eh? 😉

Happy New Year !!! X