10 facts About Me

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I was tagged by my instafriends @quittingquince to do random 10 facts tag about me ! Here ya go !!

1. I’m scorpio and I love reading horoscope 

2. I love mysterious thing , magic, universe , or anything that science can’t prove yet 

3.I love to cuddling with the one that I love and feel comfy with .

4. I didn’t graduate from Art School but I love art and handcrafted stuff .

5.I love traveling

6.I just start my poledance class . My goal –>I wanna do human flag 🙂

7.My favorite color is BLUE

8.I Love my dog

9.I love Wanderluster Dreams

10. I love you :P. #10FactsAboutMe


My Life These Day ( OH I LOVE IT )


ROAR!!!!!!!     Hello   there !!!  😀

How ya guys doing ???  Im pretty busy this month, which is good,  There are so many things happen in my life past few weeks, Things that  I didn’t expect to happened, people that I didn’t expect to see or associate with. But things/time change. I ( start) to change. I can feel that for myself too.  Im changing… changing….  Not in a bad way but good way. Im still  me…Unny, —>Clumsy girl, Homie girl,  I admitted that I love to stay home and do my thing, made Jewelry, play with my doggie, reading book. spend time with myself.   But with My Dreams and my Goal. If I wanna achieve it I gotta change. yes I DID IT and —-> it WORTH it.<—

Now Im back to school.. Oh well Student life  again 😛  I’m joining the NEC course   which is so awesome. I love it. I have new friends.more networking, and know more about marketing and business which I hope I will be able to use that for my business pretty soon.. YES  —> Soon <—- 😉    Good News from Me Soon and Im  so exciting !  I cant believe that I made it, and it happen…. I was so scared that “Am I good enough?? Or Really ???  Can  I do that??  So many Question popped up in my head.

But there’s come a point that I have to DUMP all my fear and face it. 🙂  and the result was GREAT….




These are my favorite word at the moment 🙂  I gotta believe in myself. I gotta believe in my own wings…

I Hope You Do the Same 🙂  Believe in yourself ,believe in your own wings


Me wearing  #InMyUniverse Collection —> Blue Moon cat cuff bracelet !!!  and Magic charm sterling silver bracelet #Customorderavailable !    More info you can check  them out on my etsy store   https://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderlusterDreams

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Wanderluster Dreams

wanderEverytime when I looked at my Handcrafted Jewelry that I made I feel so proud of myself ! I knew I’m not the best but every pieces that I made I MADE WITH LOVE and I fell in love with them all ! I sometime even feel like “Awww I don’t wanna sell them ! I wanna keep them all !! but it make me feel HAPPY Everytime when all my customers who bought my handcrafted jewelry feel love and appreciate the art work ! And sometime even they not buy any but we have the same style, same passion ! That make thing even GREAT too ! We had a Good long conversation! Talk like an old friends ! This year I promise to myself I will work hard for myself ,for my customer ,for you I wanna improve my skill more and more I hope 2014 will be another Great year to Wanderluster Dreams

In MY Universe Collection


In My Universe Collection by Wanderluster Dreams

I think when we speak of the Universe, we are invoking the beauty and spaciousness of the skies above us. Filled as they are with shining stars, the planets and galaxies innumberable. There is the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitors gazing down from infinity, from the great black abyss over our heads. The heavens are filled with mystery for we do not truly know…if they are out there, who may be watching us.

For who knows, the possibility exists of twin galaxies. IS there another Earth out there? Are its inhabitants like us. Would they communicate with us if they could? Have they?

In my own fit of fancy, I wonder if there might be a Chocolate Galaxy like our Milky Way. It’s all mystery. Perhaps all of the Unicorns, Mermaids, the Phoenix and other faerie creatures all ran away to some other planet out in the infinite space out there. Perhaps they visit us from time to time and this is from whence springs our mythologies. We can never know until we’ve explored the fullness of the heavens from the Alpha to the Omega.

Have you ever wonder if there is such a thing as a Unicorn or a Mermaid? I believe we have. I know I may sound silly but these creatures create a sense of wonder, they fill our dreams and give us a longing for the unknown, the unanswerable. They represent the unknowable, the unexplained and the yet to be revealed forces of nature and time and space.

Imagine, though, if you chanced upon a Unicorn. What would be your reaction? How would you feel and react? I imagine that I would stand frozen like a stone. I would be so star struck that words would fail me. And who knows. It could be that they exist in a separate time and space. It may be that there is a wormhole through which they travel to and fro to Earth and back home again. Perhaps they are waiting to return for a time when the Earth is gentle and peaceful again. That’s why there are only stories and we do not see them at this time in our planet’s history.

Legend and the Universe ~ these are my inspiration for this collection — the “In My Universe” Collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants.

These are not pre-fixed designs and are fully customizable. We can design together or, if you wish, I can design something special based on your desires for a beautiful surprise in the mail.

This is all about the amazing infinity of “The Universe.” In the middle of the piece can be placed a pretty stone, cat faces, moon faces or something unique and fascinating.

The primary idea is the vastness of the Universe and our little place in it. I made one for myself with the Moon face as I have an affinity for the Moon and the Sun. I recently finished the piece with a feline face pictured here. I call her Blue Moon Cat and she doesn’t just meow, she roars! ; )

So everyone can have their own Universe. If you want some special thing that comes from your heart or your mind, pls convo me. I will bring your Universe to life for you.

Love and Share 4Hilltribe Kids

Pls Help us distribute our campaign


524485_10201436012514776_473195583_n canteen card cute girl cute kids cutie happy kids helper helping kidsss kidssss kitch KruNihm Morning national anthem playing Preparing for kids school smile

We would like to raise enough money to help the next village school.

We usually raise around 150,000bht (5,000USD).  We would like to raise that amount for our January trip to Northern Thailand.

This will allow us to re-build a school, feed the children, rent vehicles to get out to the village and provide new clothes, school supplies and toys for the children.

The funding will go towards food and supplies.

We usually feed three meals a day for two to three villages full of children for a week (300 children and their families).

We rent local vehicles from around Chiangmai for a week to carry us and the supplies out to the village.

We purchase a years worth of school supplies and deliver them to a village.  If we have more supplies than one village school will need, we take the remainder and give them out to other villages in the Hill Tribe Area.  Last year, we were able to help several schools in the area.

We purchase clothing, shoes and winter coats for the children as well.  We usually purchase clothing on the Thai-Burmese border.  We can obtain mass amounts of clothing from this area fairly cheaply.  We donate all of this clothing to the children and in some cases to the local adults.  On the border, we purchase “lots” full of children’s clothing.  However, one never knows what will be in the mix.  Any adult clothing that we obtain, we hand out at the village.

Last year, we had enough left over clothing to pass out to several villages along our route.

We also hope to raise enough funds to employ a full time teacher and teaching assistant for this village for a year.

We will use all funds raised to help these children.

I am donating all supplies and materials for the perks as the first donation.

The perks for this handmade Jewelry from Wanderluster Dreams on Etsy.com.


I have made a few special project related items for donation perks — two bracelets (500USD) and one neckband (1,000USD).

The Impact

We aim to help those less fortunate than us.  Some of the folks who join us are barely able to do so.  They volunteer their time as they earn about 15 to 25,000bht (500 to 800USD) per month.  Others contribute funds or supplies for us to use or give to the village and school.

Most of Northern Thailand is rural and poverty stricken.  These children are malnourished, barely clothed and make due with the barest of learning facilities.  Most schools do not have a full time teacher.  These children are behind the global power curve.

We aim to catch them up.  It may be a small step each time.  However, each time we travel to a village, we expose them to the world beyond their vision, beyond their knowledge.  We open the the way for imagination, new vision and new possibilities.  We hope to help them to eventually help themselves by sharing with them love, fidelity and a vista on the world to which they may otherwise never be exposed.

To illustrate, my boyfriend traveled with us on one trip thus far.  He was the only non-Thai person and the only non-Thai person whom most folks in this non-tourist area had experienced.  They were fascinated by the differences between themselves and him.  We used his presence to help teach about and explain the greater world.  Most of these children will never leave their tribal areas much less Northern Thailand.  However, we wish to show them that there are possibilities extant everywhere.

In the meantime, we can help feed them.  We can help clothe them.  We can show them love.  We can open their minds to the world.

We hope you will find a way to help us do so.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize that not everyone has the disposable income to help financially.  That’s not a problem.  If you can send clothing, school supplies (pens, pencils, magic markers, note books, etc), we can use it to help these children.  If you have old English language primers, we’ll take them.  Anything that you think will help fill a void in these beautiful children’s lives, we can get to them.

We appreciate and will share every form of assistance that you feel you can share with us.